• Ben Carey

Summer’s Moderate Weather Bodes Well for Upcoming Grape Harvests

Updated: Jan 3

In 2018, Virginia’s vineyards were hit with one of the rainiest grow seasons in recent history. Yields were down 35 percent from 2017, according to the Virginia 2018 Commercial Grape Report, published by the Virginia Wine Board. The rains caused the worst harvests on record for many growers across the state, who reported 1,763 tons of grapes were lost that year. Conditions were so brutal that some grape varieties were unable to be harvested, left out on the vines to rot, and in isolated cases, bad enough that vineyards felt the need to suspend operations for the season.

Luckily for growers, 2019 was a different story. The 2019 season has been filled with sunny, dry conditions, along with modest rainfall. Perfect for grape growth. At the time the article was written, the harvest was about 8 weeks away. While a lot can happen in that time period, both early red and white varieties coming out of the vines give growers great hope for this season’s harvest.

Ben Carey


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