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Learning Your Vineyard

The Vineteq system collects data from all seasons including spray, weather, and disease trends in order to learn your vineyard over time. This allows for new spray recommendations, more environmentally friendly sprays, finding lower-cost alternatives, or finding sprays to better fit your preferences.

Managing Your Inventory

Our system keeps a detailed record of the sprays and their volumes in your inventory. This allows us to notify you when you are running low on a particular spray and to ensure that we are never recommending any sprays that are not in your current inventory.

Your Input Matters to Us

When you sign up, we ask you to tell us what is important to your vineyard. We take into account your preferences so we can be sure to provide you with the best possible spray recommendations for your vines. We care about your vineyard's values and want to make sure the sprays we recommend are always spot-on and right for you.

Your Mobile Spray Consultant

Our system allows you around the clock access to all important information related to your sprays. This includes a number of features focusing on our system’s recommendations. We also include personal, in-app support that gives you the ability to message us anytime you need help while using the application. 




Personalized Spray Recommendations

Vineteq is providing you with recommendations that are based on your preferences and the diseases your vines are currently at risk for. Sprays are recommended when a new organism becomes a risk to your vines, the end of a spray interval, or when you personally request one.

GPersonalized, site specific recommendations.

GReceive a notification anytime our system has a new recommendation.

GFeedback on your recommendations helps us make adjustments to fit your needs.

Spray Inventory Management

Our system provides you with spray inventory management. Giving you the ability to access inventory from any location.

GLive volume count for all sprays in your inventory.

GYou will be notified when you are running low on any spray. 

GAll spray information in the palm of your hand.

"They needed to intimately understand the needs of their customer, the most foundational tenant of the Mindhive program. After spending some time with Callye Keen, CEO of RBC, and John Wise, CEO of LOCI, Josh and Ben found themselves conducting rounds of direct market outreach and cold-calling vineyards in the area to determine what the needs of their customer actually were."

Logan Deyo

Accurate Vineyard Location

When signing up, our mapping function includes an outlining tool to allow you to select the entire area of your vineyard.

GAllows us to collect more accurate weather data.

GProvides a more personalized recommendation program. 

GGives us the full geographic information of your vineyard. 

Safety Recommendations

Along with our spray recommendations, we provide you with safety notes to create a safe work environment for your entire staff. 

GIncludes clothing articles that should be worn during every step of the process.

GRecommendations take into account any mixture that could be harmful to your vines.

“We went out and talked to [vineyard owners], and the very first one told us, ‘ ... We have so much data; we just don’t know what to do with the data,’” Clements said. “So, then from there … we figured out the best way to go about it was creating a software-based system that made decisions based on the data they already had.”

Josh Clements for The Breeze

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