Why Vineteq?

From the beginning, we saw promise in meeting with our customers and asking questions, with the goal of soaking up as much knowledge as we could. We sought out guidance from local vineyard managers and winemakers, trying to figure out what we could do to make their jobs a little easier. What we came up with is a service that helps you manage your vineyard effortlessly. 


We believe the best vines make the best wines. We’ve used our research to create a platform that will ensure you have the right information to treat your vines properly as they grow and produce the highest quality grapes. It’s intuitive and carefully designed with you in mind, to ensure you know the exact sprays to use on your vines without lifting a finger.

Ben Carey


Marketer and salesman. Curious, creative, and team-oriented. Lover of cars, D.C. sports, real estate, and his dog Ellie.


Paul McNeal

Business Development

Seasoned entrepreneur, business strategist, and connector who leverages the power of connecting to discover unseen opportunities; who also honorably served the country as a US Navy Submariner.


Doug Fabbioli


With over 30 years of experience, Doug is one of the biggest assets in Virginia wine. His enthusiasm for his craft is unparalleled and his willingness to share his knowledge is inspiring.


Pavel Kirillov


Lives and breathes technology and start-ups. Self-proclaimed geek. Passionate and experienced technology leader of 19 years. Held a broad variety of positions in organizations large and small.


Chris Pearmund


One of Virginia's most widely recognized and well-respected winegrowers and winemakers. 25+ years of experience as a winemaker, vineyard manager, and winery operator.


Andrew Amann


Launched three successful companies, invented a supply chain process, and has a knack for building products.


Vineteq’s mission is to optimize a vineyard’s spraying processes by utilizing autonomous decision making in an app and web-based solution. Our service acts as an advising unit that prompts vineyard owners, managers, and workers with ways of performing the best spraying techniques and spray inventory management while maintaining full control of their vineyard. Spray recommendations will be based on data from seasonal spray charts, regional weather patterns, precise geographic location, and disease models, to create the optimal spray program for the vineyard. Vineteq benefits long-term customers through the collection of vineyard data. This information can be used to help identify weather, spray, and disease trends to make more informed, data-driven decisions year after year.

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